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Alles voor glas-in-lood en fusing
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Zilvergeel, normaal zilvergehalte 100 gram

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Zilvergeel, normaal zilvergehalte 100 gram

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Diffusion colours (yellow stains) are silver containing materials, of which the effectivecomponents - during temperature treatment, while producing metal colloids – penetratethe neighbouring und upper glass layers, staining them form yellow, dark yellow to redbrown,depending on their composition.

Diffusion Colours have a very high resistanceagainst acids and alkali.Besides the composition of the yellow stain also the structure of the glass is important forthe intensity of dyeing. Components inside the glass such as arsenic or antimonypromote dark yellow tints.

Processing silver stains

Diffusion colours are suitable for application by brush, for spraying and for screenprocess printing, also for decals.They are suppler than the glass enamels and can be applied by brush smoothly andevenly. In this process the use of hard combustible resinous varnish does not play a role,because the stain material remains on the surface during burning and does not mergewith the basic glass. After firing the brown supporting material (medium) is to be washedoff with water from the decorated pieces.With a second firing of the decoration – without taking off the supporting material – youcan intensify the colour shade essentially.

Water containing printing oils or grind media are only suitable for the types P 70021 andP 73028. Red brown etch stain P 76050 and P 76060 contains water soluble componentsand can be mixed with water friendly mediums only if they contains no water. Usealcohol or glycol for thinning.

Firing silver stains

Depending on the kind of glass the burning-in temperature should be adjusted as high aspossible and in no case below 580 ° C.An extended soak time (depending on the type of glass and type of kiln) guaranteescomplete diffusing of the silver ions into the glass, this means: the higher/ longer is thetemperature/ soak time, the darker will be the decoration.In each case you have to adjust the firing temperature, object temperature and firingcycle to the items to be decorated and to the type of kiln.In the temperature range up to about 450 ° C – in which organic media and covercoatsdecompose – the kiln should have a very effective ventilation.

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